Celebrating 2,000 Youtube Subscribers!

A few months ago, I hit the 2,000 subscriber mark. To celebrate, we’re having a giveaway with some of the amazing products and swags provided by some of the incredible companies where I’m a proteam member.

Prizes donated by

Renomed Scissors | FlyLife Canada | Semperfli | The FlyFish Fanatic | Reids Flyshop

First Prize – Value $400

  • Renomed USA Hat, Coffee Mug, Braid Cutting Scissors
  • Semperfli Bandana x2, Coasters, Beanie, Pen, Collectors Pack
  • FlyLife Canada, Fly Paint x2, Fly Box, Fluoro Brite x3, Stonefo plastic tubes, Assorted hand-tied flies
  • Semperfli Kapoc Dubbing Mayfly Selection, Suede Chenille Natural Collection, Body Rib x2, Goose Biots Mixed Pack, Dry Fly Poly Yarn Mix Card, Semper Flash – Kamchatka Mix, Dubbing Brush x2, Synthetic Rabbit, Kapoc dubbing x2, Hends – CDC x3, Magnum Dragon Tails, Full Skin Hungarian Partridge* – Delivered in Canada Only
  • Plano Leader Spool Box – Large

Second Prize – Value $270

  • Renomed Mug, Braid Cutting Scissors
  • Semperfli Pen, Bandanas x2, Coas, tersCollectors Pack
  • Reids Flyshop – Hat
  • FlyLife Canada, Stonefo dubbing brush, Stonefo plastic tubes, Stonefo nippers, Semperfli Tying Wax, Hends Maribou Dubbing Storage Container, Hends French leader, Monorig stream leader, Small Fly Box, Fluoro Brite x1Supreme String – 6 meters
  • Semperfli Goose Biots Mixed Pack, Synthetic Jungle Cock – small, Kapoc Dubbing x3, Ice Dubbing – Red, Body ‘n’ Rib, Dubbing Brush, Semperflash Skeena Color, Magnum Dragon Tails

Third Prize – Value $200

  • Renomed Coffee Mug, Braid Cutting Scissors
  • Semperfli Bandanas x2, Pen, Collectors Pack
  • FlyLife Canada Speedy Dub, Waxed Thread, Stonefo – Flat Cone Heads, Extreme String, Semperfli Tyers Wax, Nymph Dub
  • Semperfli Poly Yarn, Egg Yarn, Synthetic Rabbit Zonker, Dubbing Brush, Inferno Goose Biots, Suede Chenille – Steelhead Collection
  • Hends Angel Hair

Be sure to be subscribed to my Youtube Channel, it’s required to win a prize.

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