The Hare’s Mask Wet

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In today’s video, Rick (The FlyFish Fanatic)™ will be tying a wet fly using Hairs mask. This is a simple yet very effective fly in lakes as well as small rivers. Sometimes, the simple lightly dressed flies are the best.

Materials:254N size 10-14 Thread- Semperfli Nano Silk Body- Hairs Mask Hackle- Hungarian Partridge

Pro Staff: (Ambassador) Airflo/Ross Reel Renomed Scissors .

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Rick Passek

The FlyFish Fanatic

Rick is the author of the “Freshman FlyFisher” book series, providing easy to read information for new fishers, complete with handy illustrations and photos. The books cover all of the fly fishing basics and tactics, and dispel any lingering myths about the sport; a sport Rick insists “is really for everyone.”

When Rick isn’t fishing, teaching, or writing, Rick is expanding his vast knowledge of entomology and relaxing with his wife and son at his home in central Alberta.

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